Since its creation in 1988, our laboratory has diversified its research themes in the field of plant biology and plant-microorganism interactions.

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Since its creation in 1988, our laboratory has diversified its research themes in the field of plant biology and plant-microorganism interactions.

Under the supervision of the University Paul Sabatier / Toulouse 3 and the CNRS, it was successively directed by Alain-Michel Boudet (1988-1994), Raoul Ranjeva (1995-2002), Guillaume Bécard (2003-2010) and Elisabeth Jamet assisted by Deputy Director Christophe Roux (2011-2015).

He is now headed by Bernard Dumas assisted by Deputy Director Vincent Burlat.

The LRSV behind the creation in 1996 of the Federative Research Institute, now called “Agrobiosciences, Interactions et Biodiversité” (FRAIB), on the initiative of Alain-Michel Boudet who brings together the main Toulouse forces research in the fields of biology, plant microbiology and molecular ecology.

The LRSV is a member of the TULIP LabEx which aims to promote research and teaching of excellence in the field of ecology and plant biology.

The LRSV comprises 58 statutory staff (10 CNRS researchers and 23 UPS research professors, 25 engineers, technicians and administrative staff) and about 30 non-permanent staff (Masters, PhD students, post-doctoral fellows, contract engineers).

Organization Chart
* Personnel effectuant un service à temps partiel
   Personnel affecté à plusieurs services ou équipes du LRSV
Our Research

Our research focuses on certain processes of development and adaptation of plants to their environment (pathogenic and symbiotic microorganisms, cold, drought …)

To identify and decipher these biological processes, large-scale approaches (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics) are combined with those of biochemistry, molecular biology, transgenesis and cellular imaging.

LRSV hosts the technical platform “MetaToul-Plant Secondary Metabolites“.

Research conducted at the LRSV contributes to the acquisition of new knowledge on plant biology and industrial valorization of plants to optimize plant production as sources of green carbon (biofuel) and design new products of natural origin for the health of cultivated plants (biofertilizers, fight against diseases).



At 14 km south-east of Toulouse, the LRSV is located on the INRA campus between Auzeville-Tolosane and Castanet-Tolosan.
GPS :   43.526872 N , 1.501353 E

How to visit us

C ar, follow the RD813 road. Between Auzeville and Castanet-Tolosan, follow the road signs “Centre de Recherches INRA”.

At the entrance of the INRA campus, follow the road signs “Pôle de Biotechnologie Végétale”.
When arrived, close to the tennis courts, follow the direction “LRSV”.

Public transportation, take the underground until the Ramonville station (terminus), then ligne L6 until the INRA station.

When arrived at the INRA campus, follow the direction “Pôle de Biotechnologie Végétale”, then follow the indications “LRSV”.

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Standard :    +33
Fax           :   +33

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24, chemin de Borde-Rouge.BP 42617 Auzeville.
31326, Castanet-Tolosan. FRANCE

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