PhD, University of Toulouse 3 – Paul Sabatier

Andrei did his Bachelor degree in Ecology in Saint-Petersburg Universoty in Russia, where he studied biodiversity of northern boreal ecosystems. For his bachelor’s thesis he worked on molecular phylogeny of ciliates collected around the world.

For his Master’s degree he moved to Kiel in Northern Germany to study on Agrigenomics program dedicated to molecular breeding, phytopathology and plant molecular biology. During his master he did an internship at Max Planck Institute for Molecular Plant Physiology where he applied metabolomics approach to characterise small molecules – protein interaction in yeasts and plants. He performed his master’s thesis research at Institute of Plant breeding at Kiel University, where he applied crispr-Cas9 technology to increase silique shattering resistance of oilseed rape.

In 2019 he joined RHIZO team at theLRSV as a PhD student under supervision of Elodie Gaulin financed by Marie-Curie Fellowship in frame of PROTECTA network dedicated to study oomycete-caused disease around the Europe. In his project he is focusing on studying effectors of root pathogen of legumes Aphanomyces euteiches. In his studies Andrei applies comparative bioinformatic approach to predict the repertoire of effectors and compare it with other oomycetes. He is also participating in functional characterisation of oomycete Small Secreted Proteins (SSPs)

Protecta Europeean Project :