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The Plant Research Laboratory (LRSV) is a joint laboratory between the Toulouse Paul Sabatier University (UPS) and the CNRS (LRSV, UMR 5546 UPS/CNRS, It is headed by Bernard Dumas (Director) and Vincent Burlat (Deputy Director). Altogether, it hosts 59 permanent staff among which 10 CNRS researchers and 23 UPS assistant professors/professors, 25 engineers/technicians and about 30 non permanent staff (Masters, PhD students and post-doctoral fellows, engineers). There are 6 research teams and 12 shared facilities.

The research dealing with plant development aims at the understanding of plant cell wall dynamics and wood formation. The work related to plant adaptation to their environment deals with : the identification of signals (responses to cold and drought stresses, pathogens attacks and interactions with symbiotic fungi) ; the recognition of such signals via receptors ; signal transduction (calcium signaling and other secondary messengers, signaling proteins) ; gene regulation especially at the transcriptional level.

To describe and understand the biological processes, “omics” approaches (transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics) are combined with biochemical, molecular biology, transgenesis and cell imaging approaches. The LRSV hosts the “MetaToul-Secondary metabolites” metabolomics facility (MetaToul, Toulouse Platform of Metabolomics and Fluxomics,

All the research work contributes to the increase of the knowledge on plant physiology and development of sustainable agriculture. A significant proportion of this work is performed in the frame of partnerships with private companies with the aims of improving plant products as sources of green carbon for bioenergy and reduction of fertilizer and pesticide inputs.

The LRSV is granted by the Paul Sabatier/Toulouse 3 University (UPS), and by the CNRS Institut des Sciences Biologiques (INSB). It is also affiliated to the CNRS Institut Ecologie et Environnement (INEE).

The LRSV is one of the main laboratories affiliated to the Plant Science Master (M2R BioSciences Végétales) and to the Plant development and Plant-Microbe Interactions topics of the SEVAB doctoral school of UPS.

The LRSV was at the origin of the creation of the Research Federative Institute (IFR40) Signaling and Plant Biotechnology in 1996 on behalf of Alain-Michel Boudet, Professor at the UPS and former director of the laboratory. The aim was to bring together all the Toulouse laboratories involved in research in plant biology and plant-microbe interactions. Today, the LRSV is still an active member of FR3450 now named "Agrobiosciences, Interactions, and Biodiversity".

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