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Supplementary data

Figure S1. Schematic pathway of fatty acid biosynthesis from KEGG. Green squares represent matches with Glomus ESTs. Acetyl CoA carboxylase [EC : ;] condenses two acyl CoA to form Malonyl CoA, used for further condensations by alpha and beta subunits of Fatty Acid Synthase (FAS). FAS of glomus [EC] is of fungal type I (SU beta and alpha assembled in heterododecamer a6b6). Beta subunit of fatty acid synthetase (FAS1) contains acetyl transacylase, dehydratase, enoyl reductase, malonyl-CoA:ACP transacylase, and palmitoyl transacylase activities. Alpha subunit of fatty acid synthetase (FAS2), which catalyzes the synthesis of long-chain saturated fatty acids ; contains the acyl-carrier protein domain, beta-ketoacyl reductase, beta-ketoacyl synthase and self-pantetheinylation activities.

Figure S2. Strigolactones induced changes of mitochondrial shape on Glomus intraradices . Time laps movies of 6 day-old G. intraradices hyphae treated with GR24 10-6M or acetone 1% (control). Hyphae were treated with mitotracker green for 2 hours before observation under real time spinning disk microscopy. Treatments observed at 1h (A) and 24h (C) post addition of GR24. Mitochondria are visible as rod-shaped organelles Controls observed at 1h (B) and 24h (D) after addition of acetone. Mitochondria are visible as rounded organelles.

Table S1. List of the 96 genes selected for gene expression analysis by using BiomarkII®. For the genes 17, 30 49, 59, 60, Tubulin and ATP synthase, hybridization data were not available on Nimblegen chip, these genes were choose due to their putative interest.

Table S2. Expression levels for all genes tested. Data correspond to fungal gene relative expression in response to molecules from the different fractions obtained from mycorrhizal roots (myc) or from non mycorrhizal roots (mock) compared to the control (acetonitrile). Green cells point out up-regulated genes (>2 fold compared to the control), red cells point out down-regulated (<0.6 fold compared to the control). Black cells correspond to non significative data.