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Development and update of the PeroxiBase

Christophe DUNAND mail to , Catherine MATHÉ mail to, Bruno SAVELLI mail to

The initial interest to centralize sequences encoding for peroxidases from all living organisms after manual annotation and curation is still our major concern but also a guarantee of quality. However, with the increasing organisms and sequences number, the PeroxiBase needs to evolve to stay competitive and attractive.

We are aiming to develop pipelines to accelerate annotation of new peroxidases, checking and automatically correcting peroxidases annotated during the numerous genomes projects. For this, the sequences will be submitted to our family-specific profiles and also compared in terms of the exon / intron structure to the sequences present in the PeroxiBase.

In addition, it is now essential to propose specific pipeline processing sequences from NGS to make the most of this data.

Besides, new tools should be made available via the interface of the PeroxiBase to facilitate comparative analysis between organisms : mapping tools or genome browser (MapChart, GBrowse ...), identification and representation of orthology or paralogy relation (SYMAP, Circos ...)