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  • Contribution to the research projects of the LRSV involving :
    - the preparation of plant extracts and the analysis (chemical characterization and quantification) of secondary metabolisms by different techniques of chromatography which can be coupled to mass spectrometry (HPLC-DAD, GC-MS/MS, UPLC-QTOF).
  • Establishment and improvement of protocols.
  • Maintenance of the equipements.
  • Training and advising of users (inside and outside LRSV).
  • Technological survey, participations to seminars and congresses.


  • Two HPLC Dionex devices with DAD, UV and fluorescence detectors
  • GC-MS triple Quad Thermo TSQ Quantum.
  • LC-MS QExactive Plus Thermo.
  • HPAEC Dionex
  • FPLC Amersham.
  • Access to an UPLC-Xevo QTOF and to other equipments of mass spectrometry of MetaToul.

Links to the Toulouse technological platforms : see MetaToul-MSV platform

HPLC Dionex - 1 Mo

FPLC equipment - 112.9 ko

GC-MS TSQ equipment - 102.3 ko

HPAEC Dionex - 1 Mo

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