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Articles 2016-2020


Duruflé H, Hervé V, Ranocha P, Déjean S Balliau T, Zivy M, Chourré J, Burlat V, Albenne C, Jamet E, Dunand C. (2017) Cell wall adaptation of Arabidopsis, Col and Sha, to sub-optimal growth conditions : an integrative study, Plant Science 263 : 183-193 abstract

Mangano S, Denita-Juarez SP, Choi HS, Marzol E, Hwang Y, Ranocha P, Melina Velasquez S, Borassi C, Barberini ML, Aptekmann AA, Muschietti JP, Nadra AD, Dunand C, Cho HT, Estevez JM The molecular link between auxin and ROS-mediated polar growth. PNAS 114(20):5289-5294 abstract

Duruflé H, San Clemente H, Balliau T, Zivy M, Dunand C, Jamet E Cell wall proteome analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana mature stems. Proteomics 8 : abstract

Cosio C, Ranocha P, Francoz E, Burlat V, Zheng Y, Perry SE, Ripoll JJ, Yanofsky M, Dunand C (2017) The class III peroxidase PRX17 is a direct target of the MADS-box transcription factor AGAMOUS-LIKE15 (AGL15) and participates in lignified tissue formation. New Phytol 213 : 250-263 abstract


Hervé V, Duruflé H, San Clemente H, Albenne C, Balliau T, Zivy M, Dunand C, Jamet E (2016) An enlarged cell wall proteome of Arabidopsis thaliana rosettes. Proteomics 16 : 3183-3187. abstract

Francoz E, Ranocha P, Pernot C, Le Ru A, Pacquit V, Dunand C, Burlat V. Complementarity of medium-throughput in situ RNA hybridization and tissue-specific transcriptomics : case study of Arabidopsis seed development kinetics. Scientific Reports 6:24644 abstract

Nguyen-Kim H, San Clemente H, Balliau T, Zivy M, Dunand C, Albenne C, Jamet E. Arabidopsis thaliana root cell wall proteomics : increasing the proteome coverage using a combinatorial peptide ligand library and description of unexpected Hyp in peroxidase amino acid sequences. Proteomics 16(3):491-503 abstract