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Peroxidases: evolution and expression

Peroxidases are universal enzymes present in all kingdoms. They catalyze oxidation-reduction reactions involving a peroxide reduction and oxidation of a substrate, which varies from one class of peroxidase to another.

There are two main families of peroxidases: animal peroxidases, mainly detected in animals and, by contrast, non-animal peroxidases detected in plants, fungi, bacteria and protists.
non-animal peroxidases are currently sub-divided into three classes: Class I containing the catalase-peroxidases (CP), ascorbate peroxidases (APX) and cytochrome c peroxidases (CCP); the Class II or lignin peroxidases detected only in fungi, which are able to degrade lignin; the Class III present only in plants.
The team maintains a database dedicated to peroxidases ( PeroxiBase), resulting from the manual and expert annotation of these sequences.

A noteworthy specificity of the team Evolution and Expression of peroxidase is to gather projects in bioinformatics dealing with annotation problems and evolutionary analysis of peroxidases, and projects in plant physiology , with the functional characterization of peroxidases.

Keywords: Annotation, Elongation, Reactive Oxygen Species, Evolution, Comparative genomics, Cell wall, Phylogeny, and Loosening and reassembly parietal compounds, terrestrialisation.